Exhibition of projects from KID/PEL (Co-operative IT-Design course) at KTH

You’re all welcome to see the students excellent work in this year’s KID/PEL course. The theme this year has been Networking without Borders, which is a starting point for exploration into both technical and social domains. And that is something the students really have done!
There will be six projects presenting (tentative names and descriptions below) in the form of an exhibition and we transform the studio into a fair.
• Patient-relative relations
The next of kins to geriatric patients can get the relevant updates on how their relatives are doing
• Chatroulette for unemployed
A service to simplify the process of linking companies and job seekers by using video 
• Campunize
A social linking and events tool for students
• Neibling
A service for shared services between neighbours
• Atingi
A service for people who share the same dreams and want to make them happen
• Recipes and traditions
A tool for storing, sharing and remembering traditions within an extended family
Where: the Visualization Studio (KTH, Lindstedtsv 5, floor 4, down the corridor)
When: Dec 4, 4 PM – 6 PM
There will be some snacks and drinks.