HPCViz seminar series continue on May 29th at 9:00 in the visualisation studio


Mikael Vejdemo Johansson will give part two of his seminar on “Topological Data Analysis – applying homology in medicine, robotics, sensor networks, and graphics”, see abstract from part one here.

We will continue to look at the foundations of these generalized applied topology methods in some detail, and see how they have been applied in the past.

Xavi Aguilar will hold his seminar, “Parallel Performance: tools and techniques

Abstract: HPC systems are becoming more heterogeneous, with higher levels of concurrency and energy constraints. In such scenarios, the gap between system peak performance and real application performance is widening due to the complexity of the platform and its programmability. Thus, the use of tools and runtime systems plays a major role to achieve good application performance and scalability.

In this seminar we will have an overview of the state of the art in performance analysis together with a success story from the Scalalife project. There, a performance analysis study was used to re-design a chemistry application (DALTON), obtaining a considerably increase in its scalability.


We will also look at different issues that tools face to reach the exascale era and the current research performed within the department in performance analysis.