HPCViz seminar, Sept 23 (11:00 – 12:00) in D3

On September 23 there will be a guest lecture in the HPCViz seminar series, held in the D3 lecture hall between 11:00-12:00. We will be visited by John Wilkes of Google, who will speak on cluster management at Google.

Cluster management at Google

Cluster management is the term that Google uses to describe how we control the computing infrastructure in our datacenters that supports almost all of our external services. It includes allocating resources to different applications on our fleet of computers, looking after software installations and hardware, monitoring, and many other things. My goal is to present an overview of some of these systems, introduce Omega, the new cluster-manager tool we are building, and present some of the challenges that we’re facing along the way. Many of these challenges represent research opportunities, so I’ll spend the majority of the time discussing those.

John Wilkes

Short bio:
John Wilkes has been at Google since 2008, where he is working on cluster management and infrastructure services. He is interested in far too many aspects of distributed systems, but a recurring theme has been technologies that allow systems to manage themselves. In his spare time he continues, stubbornly, trying to learn how to blow glass.

John will be around for individual discussions after the talk – if interested please inform erwinl@pdc.kth.se