Seminar with Dr Martin Kronbichler

Welcome to an HPCViz seminar!

Time: Wednesday October 24, at 10:15
Place: The VIC studio, Lindstedtsvägen 5

We are happy to have Dr. Martin Kronbichler from Uppsala University visit

Title: Parallel and efficient finite element solvers for flow problems

Abstract: Simulation tools for flows coupled to scalar transport are
presented. The considered applications are convection in the earth’s
mantle and two-phase flow. The solvers use finite elements on adaptive
meshes that are fully distributed between the computational nodes. I will
present scaling experiments with up to 16,384 processors that show good
scaling in all aspects of simulation: mesh adaptation, assembly, and
solution of linear systems. Moreover, I will talk about improving
efficiency of the implementation by replacing sparse matrices by a
matrix-free scheme. It gives considerably speedup on today’s multi-core
nodes due to reduced memory transfer. The work has been published as a
part of the deal.II finite element library.