VIC Sthlm

What is VIC Sthlm?

VIC Sthlm is a knowledge arena for visualisation stakeholders in the Stockholm region, with the main task of linking business, government, and academia. VIC Sthlm currently has more than 40 member companies and organizations.

What does VIC Sthlm do?

VIC Sthlm arranges seminars, workshops, lunch meetings, courses, forum days, etc, to develop and strengthen the domain and create new collaborations and business cases.

VIC Sthlm offers possibilities for collaborations and knowledge sharing, by organizing projects and events, and connects the members organizations through networking opportunities. VIC Sthlm also offers a strong link to research and teaching, including on-site R&D in the Visualisation studio and R&D-applications.

Events and activities

  • Organizer for Sthlm Game Developer Forum
  • Participant at Gamex
  • Participant at Dreamhack


    •  Avalanche
    • Boverket
    • Centrum för Opera och Teknik
    • Comsol
    • Crowd
    • CTMH
    • Dataspelsbranschen
    • DICE
    • Dorotea Design Plant
    • Ericsson
    • Fabrication Games
    • Find-Out
    • FOI
    • Forsslund Systems
    • Gapminder
    • I2e
    • i3DV
    • IBM
    • Imagination Studios
    • Konsthögskolan
    • Mejan
    • Microsoft
    • QlikView
    • SAAB
    • Sensavis
    • SenseGraphics
    • Setred
    • Sightline
    • Streamshed
    • Innventia
    • Stiftelsen Elektrum
    • Stockholm Business Region
    • Sustainable Innovation
    • SWECO
    • Swedish ICT
    • Tekniska Muséet
    • Texas Instruments
    • Trafikkontoret
    • Tyréns
    • Viju